Understanding and getting to the core of our clients’ requirements is our prided point of differentiation! We look after a diverse business range covering construction, manufacturing, employment services, architectural, marine, accounting, steel fabrication, food production, real estate, entertainment and chiropody to name but a few.

Services include:

Data recovery and backup

Your data is valuable – are you using a reliable backup? Disastrous consequences can occur if you are offline, especially if you’ve 300 employees to pay! Hardware problems as well as accidental deletion can pose huge problems.

Virus and spyware removal

Is your computer behaving poorly? The culprit might be viruses and spyware. Removal of troublesome viruses is needed as is a no-fuss detection solution to drastically minimise your vulnerability.


The value of maintenance is too often obvious after things go awry.  Maintaining your system is invaluable saving time and money.
Let us help with updates to keep your system running at optimum performance.

Remote monitoring

Would you like a more proactive schedule? Why wait till something goes wrong?
Tricomm offers timely monthly remote services to assist you.
Benefits are up-to-the-minute advice on back-up failures and instant virus detection.
Please call us to discuss the level of monitoring best suited to your business.

Server virtualisation

What is virtualisation? When should your company use it?
Virtualisation technology is a way of running multiple independent virtual operating systems on a single computer.
Highly recommended for small-to-medium usage, what it does is turn a very inexpensive 1U dual-socket dual-core commodity server into 8 or even 16 virtual servers that run 16 virtual operating systems!

Security and firewalls

The internet is the most massive marketing tool on the planet.
This comes with benefits and pitfalls.
Therefore, everyone who uses it is at risk of fraud.
Please don’t discount firewall security for your business. It’s absolutely vital!


Put simply, your networking system is the ‘brains’ of your business.
It must work non-stop! Near enough is not good enough.
Existing networks should be regularly audited as your business grows.
More traffic creates overload and other associated problems.
Tricomm is the network specialist!

Web hosting

Tricomm has its own web-hosting server for you!
Competitive rates - just ask us.


Upgrading is a necessary part of the computer world.
It keeps your business up-to-speed and instep with other business.
Again, just ask us!


We use a range of suppliers to chase those specials on your behalf.
Please ask about toners, cartridges and everything else under the IT sun!
We’ll do our best to source it for you.